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Our audit and accounting team is responsible for preparing and presenting accurate financial information to the shareholders of companies and the authorities. Our services include statutory and IFRS audit for companies registered in Cyprus, the UK and Ireland. Preparation of standalone financial statements following IFRS’s.

We can also advise clients who need internal audit services in a number of jurisdiction and locations.


Recording and preparing accounting records and financial statements of high standard and quality. Our services in this field include maintenance of proper books and records, accounting system enabling us to prepare accounts in every major currency, invoicing services, preparation of monthly/quarterly management accounts and payroll services.

Tax Planning

Our tax services include local tax planning services for companies and individuals, international tax planning services for companies and individuals, services related to the application of double tax treaties, including the filing of requests for residency certificates, preparation and submission of personal and corporation tax forms, obtaining tax rulings from the tax authorities and assist clients with tax investigations and obtaining tax clearance from the authorities.

We focus on providing high-quality tax advice, whether in the context of large corporate financing transactions or innovative tax planning opportunities arising from complex new tax legislation.

Trust & Corporate Services

Our corporate services team consists of lawyers and paralegals, specialized in Company Law of various jurisdictions enhanced through years of experience and servicing a variety of clients. We accomplish registration of international companies, banks, insurance companies, European investment companies, funds and trusts in the most popular jurisdictions. We provide a comprehensive range of tax, legal, accounting, auditing and corporate administration services to several corporate and private clients worldwide, at the level of quality as would be expected from a recognized international consulting firm.

Banking Services

Our banking team specialises in providing support for all our clients’ banking requirements and is the single point of contact for all their banking requests. Our Services include opening of corporate, trust and personal accounts with e-banking and visa cards, administration and maintenance of bank accounts, arranging back-to-back and other credit facilities, assistance with drafting and negotiating Letters of Credit if requested, continuous monitoring of bank movements for up to date information on transactions for clients, problem resolution with banks on complicated transactions and miss-routed funds and executing the transfer of funds and the follow-up. We stand for the best quality services at fair and competitive pricing policies, especially in the United Kingdom, Greece, Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates.


We offer investment advice and opportunities in investment funds, property and business start-ups and provide immigration services through all our offices and selected partners/associates in several jurisdictions. We represent International Funds which can be utilized by our clients for investment and also for any finance if there are profitable projects with good potentials.

Our immigration team handles citizenship applications (both through the economic citizenship program and the conventional route), applications for immigration permits, permanent residence permits, employment permits and visas. We advise both individual and corporate clients.

Real Estates

We help our clients secure their assets and increase wealth by investing in property and real estate, the best way of a long-term investment as the property value grows exponentially over time. Through a network of quality licensed associates in Cyprus and Greece, we offer investment advice and opportunities in property and real estate. We facilitate and assist in property search, acquisition and management of property and make the process fast and easy.

Shipping Services

Our specialized consultants, with more than 20 years of maritime experience, can support you with ship & yacht registration and management in various jurisdictions as well as on matters related to Ship management, QHSSE & Vetting Management, Ship Inspections, Company Management Systems in line with the highest international standards, Project Management, Maritime Transport & Logistics, Offshore Oil & Gas supporting services and Port Agency.

We also provide consultation on Maritime Law matters, Charter parties, S&P contracts, contract management etc.

Digital Marketing Services

Our services include Web Design & Development, e-commerce, SEO, Social Media, PPC, Content Marketing, Data Analytics, Branding and Video & Graphic Design. We are passionate about what we do, and we are always one step ahead, following the latest trends in our industry.

IT Services

Our IT Services are divided into support and consulting services. Our support services include infrastructure maintenance, PC/Laptop maintenance, Email Management, Network Solutions Services, Software Maintenance/Installation, project management and software & hardware solutions. Consulting services include general security consulting services, security policies & procedures, Risk assessments, DPO Services and IT Services of security advisory.

Immigration & Citizenship

We handle all matters relating to immigration law and citizenship applications including applications for Immigration Permits, applications for Permanent Residence Permits, employment Permits & Visas and Assistance with Tax Residency Applications.

We are here to provide you with support and consultancy throughout the PRP (Permanent Residence Procedure of Cyprus) or The Greek Golden Visa processes, and we are at your disposal for any further information or questions you might have.

Business Centre

We offer fully serviced workspaces, shared spaces or private, in the heart of Nicosia. A perfect solution for you to work comfortably and expand in Cyprus. Our services include Secretarial and administrative support, relocation services, legal/physical address, mail forwarding, in-house courier, staff recruitment/payroll, virtual office services, technical facilities, dedicated telephone/fax lines & internet, conference room and utility bills & common expenses.

Payment Solutions

Our online business accounts and payment processing services help companies across diverse industries — from consultancies to e-merchants and art galleries — pay and get paid more quickly, conveniently, and cost-effectively, so they can focus on what matters most — growing their business. Delight your customers and close more sales by offering more payment options. Our merchant accounts support bank and wire transfers, by Debit or Credit and by APM. Bank and wire transfers cover the United Kingdom, EU and International payments.