Exsus Group is a multi-discipline consulting firm providing solutions, through its affiliated companies and specialized divisions, to corporate clients and high net worth individuals worldwide through cross-border expertise in the fields of trust and corporate administration, legal services and tax planning, accounting and auditing, ship/yacht registration and management, immigration as well as property and investment management. Our affiliated companies and specialized divisions provide both international and local organizations with strategic business advice and support to sustain competitive advantage and achieve ultimate results.

We are committed to addressing everyone’s individual needs and delivering the highest standard of services. Our clients can benefit from unique personalized solutions designed by our in-house experts based in one of our offices in Athens, Dubai, London, Moscow, and Nicosia, and/or with the help of our global network of associates in several different locations worldwide.

To BE A LEADER in the field of our expertise, by constantly developing and improving our long lasting expertise, through innovative and pioneering solutions and continuous improvement of our services. Our mission is simple.

“We are a world-class multi-discipline consulting firm, whose aim is to help our clients to identify and achieve their business goals and objectives, and protect their interests, by providing timely advice of consistently outstanding quality and through applied knowledge, experience and innovation.

We aim to keep our customers always satisfied by providing them the HIGHEST QUALITY of services, in accordance with their needs and expectations.” This has always formed the foundation of our continuing success.

Our vision is to secure the future of our clients by covering all their needs. Whatever they need to able to find it under one roof. The success of our customers and partners is our success.

To become the most successful "one-stop-shop" for our clients. By offering multiple services in different locations of the world, our customers can get all they want in just "one-stop" and save money and time.

Reputation: Our main asset is the reputation that we earned through the years of business practice

Fairness: Treating clients, business partners and employees with fairness, keeping commitments, and thereby maintaining the good reputation of our Group

Responsibility: By placing our clients’ interests first, we bear responsibility for the final result and our reputation

Expertise: Our team consists of professionals who are able to apply effectively their skills and knowledge to benefit the clients’ business objectives

Entrepreneurship: Encouraging initiative and innovation, systematically managing risks, inspiring team work and non-bureaucratic business processes

Our people are essential: Rewarding good performance and results and providing opportunities for continuous learning and development